About RidgePoint Group
The RidgePoint Group is the sales, sourcing, and distribution arm of PlanITROI.  Our hand selected and top notch team of buyers and sales experts have decades of experience in major online and brick and mortar retail, distribution, merchandising, logistics, and product marketing. We have long realized that our business is all about our reputation, relationships, and the mutually beneficial partnerships that we build. We NEVER take a relationship for granted and we always keep our clients and customers needs first.

The RidgePoint Group sources a wide range of product to be used exclusively for captive Employee Purchase Programs at our parent company’s Fortune 500 clientele.
The RidgePoint Group helps create and manage Employee Purchase Programs for Fortune 500 companies. The majority of our product offerings are CE and IT products, but we are constantly looking for great deals on exciting new products in all categories. We work tirelessly to provide our corporate clients with the best opportunities in the market so that these programs maintain their value.

The RidgePoint Group provides value added product distribution and fulfillment services to a variety of specialty, daily deal, and major online retailers.
The RidgePoint Group has capabilities to source, warehouse and drop ship thousands of SKUs to serve as a virtual fulfillment center for online retailers that don’t have the infrastructure to support the requirements of their customers.

The RidgePoint Group provides original, end of life, closeout, and other unique opportunity offers to all types of Distributors, Retailers, OEMs, Premium Companies, other resellers, and end users.
Due to The RidgePoint Group’s unique ability to market directly to the end user who is not the typical IT/CE customer (through exclusive employee purchase programs), we can offer the opportunity for a range of companies to conduct closeouts and liquidations in a manner that will not upset the current market dynamics or demand for their current products.

The RidgePoint Group remarkets refurbished IT, Consumer Electronics, and other products that are produced from PlanITROI’s Top rated and major brand authorized refurbishing center. We will have a continuous supply of top quality refurbished products available for sale as well as opportunity buys from our supplier partners.

We are proud to sell some of the best brands in the business: Apple, Dell, Panasonic, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Westinghouse, Vizio, LG, KODAK, Pandigital, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Blackberry, Krups, Shark, Cuisinart, Kelty, and more.

The RidgePoint Group is proud to supply product for these fine retailers: Overstock.com, Amazon.com, Buy.com, Sears.com, NewEgg.com, Tiger Direct, Microcenters, PC Mall, and many others.

  • RidgePoint Group continues to develop new relationships with manufacturers to offer their products into our unique customer base.
  • The RidgePoint Group is also constantly searching for unique one time opportunities to offer as part of our corporate employee purchase programs, as well as to other clients/customers.
  • Through PlanITROI, we offer Returns Management Programs for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.
  • We have an industry leading, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishing center; but beyond IT assets, we can refurbish all types of goods.