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You Relied On Your Computer In The Field And At The Office… Now You Can Rely On PlanITROI To Provide The Maximum Price For Your Retired IT Assets And The Highest Quality Refurbished Units When You Are Seeking A Smart, Cost-Effective Solution To Buying New.
Whether you are seeking:

The maximum financial return for your Panasonic Toughbook or other brand computers…
A service and repair Toughbook expert with more than 10 years of product specific experience…
Or the highest quality refurbished units when you need a smart, cost-effective alternative to buying new…
PlanITROI is the only provider you need to contact!

Being Asked To Do More With Less?
Local and State taxes may be rising, yet chances are your budget is being squeezed. PlanITROI helps put money back into public safety departments, reducing the need for more taxpayer money. That’s a story any administrator likes to hear. With PlanITROI’s ISO 9001 quality re-manufacturing process, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and EPA R2 downstream certified program, we have the highly refined systems that produce a refurbished product that is in great demand throughout the country.

You Can Relate To This Story
A Police Chief in Michigan knew he wanted more than a few dozen Toughbooks installed in his city’s vehicles. He had a challenge, however, that the price for new Toughbooks was increasing and at the same time he received a notice that grant money he was expecting was being cut. The Chief turned to his Toughbook reseller and told him the “budget would not permit a new buy right now.” Determined not to lose the sale the reseller knew that PlanITROI had 10 years experience as a Panasonic Toughbook expert and had refurbished and remarketed thousands of units. PlanITROI was able to provide the refurbished units the department needed, configured exactly as required, and at a price that saved the department thousands of dollars.

Go Beyond Police Auctions For Maximum Financial Returns
If it’s time to retire your Toughbooks and other IT assets, now is not the time to settle for the financial returns provided by an auction. With cutbacks happening everywhere, you deserve top dollars for your retired IT assets, and local taxpayers would like know the department is actually generating revenue and keeping costs down. PlanITROI remarkets a better quality product which is why we are confident we can provide a better return-on-investment than auctions can offer.

The Toughbook Experts

PlanITROI has more than 10 years experience and dozens of technicians that are trained on Panasonic Toughbook refurbishment. Each unit PlanITROI refurbishes is returned to OEM standards…and often further enhanced. We know how units are to be fitted to vehicle mounts, we understand how the equipment is used in the field and the company as established quality controls tests are specific to the real world of Public Safety. Plus, PlanITROI supports each and every unit it sells and has a customer service system in place to handle and issue that may arise.

Ask about our Extended "Bolt-On" Warranty!

What Experts Say About PlanITROI!
According to Gartner Research:

PlanITROI's Strengths:
PlanITROI’s business model is focused on refurbishing and reselling used IT equipment to obtain high customer return on assets. Customer feedback indicates strong reporting capabilities, and assistance in financial planning of current and future asset values.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, 2010


Ultimate Convenience…One Contact and Done!

  • Logistics Management – PlanITROI will pick-up any assets, anywhere in the country…or around the globe, and securely transport them to our facilities.
  • Asset Tracking – each asset is tracked by serial number, client ID tags and our own equipment identification system.
  • Data Security, Complete & Thorough – data sanitization and media destruction to the highest DoD levels is standard. See our Data Security (link) processes for more details.
  • “Legal” Operating Systems Installed – PlanITROI is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, so you can be assured that your retired assets will receive a genuine, licensed OS before remarketing; and any refurbished units you purchase have legal operating systems installed.
  • Environmental Compliance – any units that need to be recycled move to an e-Steward and/or R2 certified downstream partner. Recycled units are ground-up to base materials for reuse. Zero-landfill and zero e-waste export policies are maintained.
  • Reporting – Every process detail is captured and made available. Technician actions, parts, resale prices, sale dates and amounts, and final payments are shown. Dozens of custom data fields are available.

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Why PlanITROI?

Since 1991 PlanITROI has addressed the full breadth of IT Asset Disposition requirements for businesses; Federal, state and local governments; and all public safety departments. We have refurbished and sold literally millions of laptops (including Panasonic Toughbooks and other rugged devices), desktops, LCD monitors and more, returning millions of dollars back to our clients.

More than 10 years of a proven track record buying and selling, refurbishing and remarketing, every Toughbook model in the Police, Fire, and EMS categories.

  • One point of contact to handle the entire process

  • ISO and R2 certified systems for quality and environmental management assurances

  • Complete customer service and support

  • Extended warranties

  • Ability to provide matching configurations

  • Systems for restoring Panasonic Toughbook factory images

  • DoD level data sanitization

  • OEM trained technicians with repair diagnostics experience

  • Secure logistics and chain-of-custody tracking

  • Guaranteed buy-back program

  • Parts inventory for Toughbooks and other devices

  • Microsoft Authorized Refurbishment procedures for re-installing "legal" operating systems

  • Full knowledge of in-vehicle mount requirements

  • Complete reporting by serial number on all actions taken and NET ROI provided

  • Closed loop environmental and recycling services as needed

  • A smart alternative to auctions; an end-of-life solution that will truly serve taxpayers' interest

  • Donations programs

  • References to prove that ROI provided and the quality product we produce are the highest in the market

Certifications You Can Trust