Why a S.M.A.R.T. IT Asset Disposition Program Matters to Today’s IT Asset Managers
Enterprises, mid-sized companies, government agencies, leasing companies may all have different perceptions and requirements regarding what matters when it comes to handling IT assets at their end-of-life.  In fact the entire process is referred to differently by different audiences.  For some it is just PC disposal services; others refer to it as “retiring IT equipment,” or just simply “recycling.”

The fact is, IT asset disposition has become a more formal process over the years as meeting regulatory requirements for data security and environmental compliance have become increasingly imperative.   Couple that with IT management’s requests to not only reduce costs but to see a real financial return on those retired IT assets, and one observes the further evolution of the ITAD services category.

That evolution advanced as IT asset managers still stipulated that chain-of-custody tracking, logistics management, and detailed reporting become enhanced.

Employing S.M.A.R.T. Practices
Given the broad range of sophistication and service level differences among ITAD services providers, IT managers are realizing that only a top provider can go way beyond simple disposal. 

What then should IT managers examine as differentiators among IT Asset Disposition services providers?  

For PlanITROI and its clients, it’s the ability to employ the processes, best practices and service enhancements that assure a maximum financial return on retired assets while still meeting all compliance requirements.  It’s about knowing what matters to IT asset managers and delivering a forward-looking program that is simple, yet thorough, informative and ultimately more rewarding.

Strategically Managed Asset Recovery Technology is the PlanITROI client-facing, service-oriented methodology that PlanITROI has developed over the past 20 years.  It enables managers to:

  • Have a more predictable process
  • Know in advance the market value of their current assets
  • Be informed of the environmental impact of a chosen disposition path
  • Have the access into the process, data and reports for the handling of their assets
  • Gain a extensive checklist of added value services
  • Be assured that the remarketing program is returning the maximum ROI

To learn more about S.M.A.R.T. ITAD, its processes and benefits, contact PlanITROI.


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