Our Clients Receive Checks and Environmental Benefits

Jeff Dooley (right), Team Head Regional Service Desk at Hoffmann-LaRoche, receives a check from
Paul Baum, CEO, PlanITROI.

Jeff Dooley, Team Head Regional Service Desk at Hoffmann-LaRoche received a check for $101,230.00 from the re-marketing of less than 800 assets that were processed for disposition. In addition to the ROI Hoffmann-LaRoche received for their IT assets, PlanITROI provided significant statistics of the environmental benefits due to the amount of IT assets that were refurbished, re-marketed, and/or recycled.

The program provided the following environmental benefits:

  • Greenhouse gas reductions = Removing 29 cars from the road for 1 year
  • Primary Material Savings = 49 refrigerators
  • Electricity Savings = Could power 66 households for 1 year
  • Energy Cost Savings = $74,700