Denville, NJ – June 20, 2011 – PlanITROI, an IT Asset Disposition firm in Denville, NJ, today announced that it has received ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and R2 certifications.

PlanITROI enables companies and government agencies to retire their IT equipment responsibly, compliantly and with an expectation of maximum financial returns, and has done so since 1991. “Our systems have been compliant with the rigorous ISO and R2 standards for years.” said Ed Stukane, CMO of PlanITROI, “With these formal certifications in hand, clients have no doubt of the company’s dedication to strict data security procedures, environmental advocacy, and the production of a high quality refurbished product that will provide an industry leading ROI.”

The ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for the quality management of systems and processes, and it ensures that the needs of customers are met. In PlanITROI’s case, the certification confirms a degree of excellence in the asset refurbishment and remarketing process. Few companies in the IT asset value recovery category have the ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 14001 certification is based on an audit of a company’s Environmental Management System. It confirms there are no environmental regulations being breached and that employee health and safety are assured. The R2 certification is an EPA based standard that audits how a company handles the recycling of electronics; making sure no e-waste is sent overseas or to a landfill.

“Our business model focuses on the refurbishment and remarketing of retired IT assets,” explains Stukane, adding, “Environmentally, reusing IT equipment and specifically laptops, desktops and tablets, is far more beneficial then recycling. PlanITROI remarkets 90% of the assets we receive from our clients. Our process of adding value to refurbished equipment assures a greater ROI for clients. The ISO and R2 certifications reinforce our expertise in the responsible remanufacturing of this equipment.”

About PlanITROI
PlanITROI, Inc. is a leading IT asset value recovery provider and has returned millions of dollars to corporations and government agencies for their retired IT equipment. PlanITROI has been at the forefront of the green IT movement since 1991. PlanITROI enables organizations to address compliance, environmental requirements, and costs associated with the recovery and disposition of retired IT assets in order to provide clients a maximum ROI on their retired IT assets.


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