New Jersey Nearly Sells Social Security Numbers and Other Confidential Info In Junk Auction

TRENTON, NJ – March 9, 2011 – Linked above is an article from today’s Trentonian newspaper regarding the state auctioning off of old PCs before wiping the data. While the state is seeking to recoup a bit of money, it has skipped the important best practices steps when it comes to data security. The state should consider utilizing the services of a professional IT asset disposition services provider such as PlanITROI (of Denville, NJ). Our company has proven that meeting data security and environmental compliance requirements, and receiving a financial reward can be mutually inclusive.

On the PlanITROI website the company features a case study with GlaxoSmithKline in which PlanITROI returned $1.8 million to GSK after refurbishing and remarketing the IT equipment. This return was provided on IT equipment the GSK presumed to be junk.

Data security is a priority. PlanITROI utilizes Dept. of Defense protocols when data sanitizing all assets. These assets, beyond PCs, may include printers, fax machines, tablets and other devices that today all contain data. In PlanITROI’s 20 years of operation, there have be no mishandled data security situations. A client has never been compromised as the state and its citizens were in this recent situation of retired IT assets.

PlanITROI is the only NJ based company listed as a top provider on the Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition in North America.

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