PlanITROI Offers No Bill Program

IT asset value recovery leader hands out checks, not bills for used business PCs…

DENVILLE, NJ – December 2, 2010 –  PlanITROI, a leader in IT asset value recovery, has introduced the industry’s only No Bill Program. Under this program, PlanITROI’s clients can manage the disposition of retired IT assets with no out-of-pocket costs and end up receiving revenue checks in place of bills.

By refurbishing and remarketing older hardware, PlanITROI assesses its client’s IT assets using an Inventory Portfolio Analysis tool. The result is a detailed road map of when each piece of equipment could reasonably be removed from circulation and retired in order to maximize the organization’s return-on-investment. Equipment retired under this agreement, undergoes a process of complete data erasure, component upgrade, refurbishment and repackaging. The resulting Certified Nusedsm hardware is then resold with the lion’s share of the revenue being returned to the client.

“Profits from the resale of the refurbished equipment typically exceed the minor costs of the process,” said Paul Baum, CEO of PlanITROI. “In this economic climate of tight margins, budget cuts and streamlining, finding revenue streams in unlikely places becomes the sort of thing that sets smart companies apart.  The No Bill Program is helping businesses find revenue streams in their IT departments. It’s no longer about how IT can save money – it’s becoming, how IT can make money.”

PlanITROI’s No Bill Program reduces the total cost of ownership. The company guarantees no bills for the ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) services to businesses that qualify for the No Bill Program.   The program also eliminates liability, as PlanITROI takes ownership of IT assets at time of pick-up.  To find out if your business qualifies, go to

About PlanITROI, Inc…
PlanITROI, Inc. is a leading IT asset value recovery provider and that has returned millions of dollars to corporations and government agencies for their retired IT equipment. With a high concern for environmental sustainability, PlanITROI has been at the forefront of the green IT movement since its founding 1991.  PlanITROI enables corporations, government agencies, resellers, service providers, and leasing companies to address compliance, environmental issues, and costs associated with the recovery and disposition of retired IT assets in order to provide clients a maximum return-on-investment on their retired IT assets.

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