Maximum ROI

The Best Opportunity for a Maximum Return On Investment, Globally

The IT asset disposition services of PlanITROI are available to clients with global requirements. PlanITROI uses its 19 years of experience and applies its proven systems worldwide, utilizing well vetted partners outside of North America.PlanITROI’s business model is focused upon generating revenue by remarketing clients’ IT assets while maintaining compliancy.  In fact, PlanITROI remarkets more than 90% of the assets it acquires from clients.  Very few items need be sent to our downstream, certified recycling partner.  This remarketing process more than offsets the service expenses that many ITAD providers charge clients. 

To generate better margins from remarketing, PlanITROI had to develop a sophisticated refurbishment operation to produce a better product.  A higher quality product with better margins, and great buying partners that value the product we produce, leads directly to a maximum ROI for clients.  This is why clients receive checks instead of bills from PlanITROI.

With a better output as an objective, PlanITROI was driven to set the standards for IT Asset Disposition through high quality refurbishment.  The standards are the direct result of PlanITROI’s analysis of the marketplace for refurbished computers in which PlanITROI observed two important factors:

One, there is no Certified Pre-Owned “Luxury Automobile” of PCs that creates confidence in a customer’s mind, and two, this lack of standards has created a great deal of confusion among buyers.  This makes it difficult for the consumer to know the difference among refurbished, reconditioned and recertified, let alone nine or ten other categories of used and off-lease products.

Enter PlanITROI’s Certified Nusedsm brand!
Certified Nused PCs represent the highest quality pre-owned computer in the market.Simply put, Certified Nused PCs represent the highest quality pre-owned computer in the market. Any PC distinguished by the Certified Nused seal has passed a multi-point quality checklist. Each PC has been refurbished by PlanITROI, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, and comes with a genuine, licensed Microsoft Windows operating system and a Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to the unit.   

The standards PlanITROI set for Certified Nused PCs have impressed Microsoft enough for it to support the development of PlanITROI’s Certified Nused rich media content on major online retailers’ websites. The content explains that the Certified Nused brand was created to define uniquely qualified, hand-selected, “newly used” PCs that meet strict quality, functionality and cosmetic requirements.  Multiple manufacturers’ brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, IBM, Panasonic, Toshiba and others have the potential to qualify for the Certified Nused seal.

The PlanITROI model goes way beyond the asset disposal and recycling paths of other IT asset disposition services providers.  Company clients know that asset re-use is the priority over recycling, and that it is better for environment, better for the customer and better for a client’s bottom line.   PlanITROI’s business model is essentially aligned with our clients need for a sustainable ITAD program.

A final note to support PlanITROI’s position:
To underscore its ability to execute a thorough, compliant and rewarding IT Asset Disposition program for a client, PlanITROI not only provides testimonials from clients, it provides testimonials from customers.  These commercial buyers, from leading online retailers, buy thousands of units from PlanITROI and they state unequivocally that PlanITROI provides a superior quality product; one that is backed by warranties and simply worth every dime.  PlanITROI provides clients the financial returns it does because it keeps costs in line and buyers are willing to pay for a better product.

This is simply smarter IT Asset Disposition.

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