Resellers, Integrators, & Service Providers

Resellers and service providers seeking to: provide better pricing values to their customers, win more deals overall, and increase their margins, can accomplish all those objectives by utilizing PlanITROI’s full service asset disposition capabilities. As a reseller, you rely heavily on your service capabilities. With PlanITROI, those capabilities can include a complete end-to-end solution that addresses your front end services with better trade-in values on the back end. As a client’s assets near their end-of-life, PlanITROI can provide the necessary services that result in:

  • The maximum ROI on retired equipment – your customers can utilize that return for future technology equipment and services
  • Managed logistics facilities that handle every aspect associated with removing the older, "orphaned" or surplus equipment
  • Addressing data security compliance requirements
  • Providing detailed production handling, chain of custody and remarketing reports by serial number

PlanITROI recognizes that coming into reseller or service providers relationships means that we are dealing with their clients. We take that role very seriously and will always provide the utmost in professional contact and communication. As your partner in the IT asset management, end-of-life process you can be assured that you will be informed every step of the way.

For resellers and service providers in the Government sector, PlanITROI is well suited to be a provider under your prime GSA contract.



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