PlanITROI has a proven track record of serving forward thinking companies that seek smart, environmentally sound, data secure processes that will result in a maximum IT Asset Value Recovery opportunity.  The company serves mid-size to Global 100 corporations and has processed millions of IT assets since our founding in 1991.

Corporate IT asset managers today are faced with more and more pressures.  Their breadth of responsibilities is increasing and demands for improved alignment with business objectives are constant.  Of course resources are not usually provided in direct correlation with those demands.  IT is still viewed in many organizations as part of overhead, i.e., a cost center and not revenue source.

Determining Your ROI
There is change, however, in the asset management landscape and IT asset disposition on the mid-tier and enterprise levels, is being driven more significantly than ever by industry best practices.   Those responsible for asset management are learning that their retired and orphaned IT equipment is actually worth something.  How much value is there is determined by the IT asset disposition provider’s business model.

Despite the success of the PlanITROI asset value recovery model, and the company’s tenure in the market, many corporations still do not have a complete understanding of the opportunity a disciplined IT Asset Value Recovery program can yield.  Some of our best long-standing clients began with us by first stating they were not sure exactly how much equipment they have to process, what types of equipment they have and what condition each unit is in, or even where all the equipment is located.  We have seen it all and as a result, we can confidently say — we understand and we can help.

Making the ITAD Process Easy
It is not unusual for the decision on proceeding with an organized Asset Value Recovery program to sit within a committee of managers.  From IT managers, to financial officers to procurement directors, each department has an interest in how retired, orphaned or surplus equipment will be moved out and processed.  It often becomes a protracted experience determining what a scope-of-work might look like, what asset tracking and security services should provided, and how the money from remarketed assets will flow back into the company.

Given the opportunity, a PlanITROI professional Client Services account manager will provide your team with our step-by-step approach that will make the Asset Value Recovery process easy, profitable, secure and compliant with every data security and environmental requirement.

To learn more, take a moment to read through the recent Microsoft Case Study on our client, GlaxoSmithKline and the 2010 Gartner ITAD Industry Magic Quadrant review placing us among the top ITAD providers in North America.



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