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Until now many Federal Government agencies have given limited thought to organized IT asset end-of-life strategies and asset value recovery.  When it’s time for an agency’s scheduled IT refresh, older equipment is removed and new equipment is installed.  But where does all that retired equipment go?  Though the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) states that’s reuse in the optimal solution over recycling, recycling seems to be the path generally taken by a number of agencies.

Now is the perfect time to set new asset value recovery policies.  With our country’s “Green” orientation coupled with the need to make technology more accessible to more people, the Federal Government is well positioned now to help more citizens with technology solutions.

With PlanITROI as part of the refresh cycle process, retired assets could be refurbished to like new functionality and condition and all data security and environmental compliance requirements could be met.  Ultimately this equipment could be remarketed to and utilized by hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the country who need a computer for educational or business purposes.  The value of that remarketed computer can be applied toward the purchase of new technology for government offices, thereby giving the government greater buying power and reducing spending.

Federal government agencies may not be in a position to receive a direct return on investment check from PlanITROI, but via our services utilized under a prime contract, agencies can realize credits that approved resellers could use to purchase additional new notebooks, desktops and other IT equipment.

IT directors for Government agencies have a great opportunity to put all their assets to work, beyond their agency’s immediate needs.  PlanITROI is ready to assist.

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