Reverse Logistics Process

Returns Solutions
Need a better returns strategy? Regardless of whether you're a corporate or consumer user, distributor, OEM, or retailer facing your returns threshold, we handle every level and type of product. With expert reverse logistics tracking and reporting, PlanITROI can be your all in one returns center.

A Perfect Match!
Are you receiving the best value for your returns? Market-Match is the highly efficient and effective returns management process that is the alternative to single and sole channel liquidation, auction or recycling. The process starts with a sophisticated real time demand and market analysis specific to your returned products or surplus inventory. PlanITROI and its RidgePoint Group division then find the exact marketplace and the ideal combination of channels to match products with buyers at the highest price. The result is the fastest generation of maximum financial rewards.



Multiple Outlets
Why limit yourself to one disposition outlet? PlanITROI has a variety of channels to move inventory in order to get the max ROI for your products. We have relationships with major retailers, etailers, and auction sites. Our team has 20 years of experience moving returns and surplus inventory.