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The Strengths of PlanITROI, as Outlined by Gartner
The PlanITROI business model is focused on refurbishing and reselling used IT equipment to obtain a high customer return on assets. Feedback from its customers indicates strong reporting capabilities and assistance in financial planning of current and future asset values. PlanITROI accepts all categories of IT assets.
Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition

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Differentiators That Provide Real Benefits to Our Clients
A primary difference between PlanITROI and others in the IT Asset Disposition industry is philosophical: Other companies are reactive, helping clients primarily to remove unused assets and avoid liability, and only secondarily to see a financial return on those assets. In contrast, PlanITROI takes a proactive role that can start as early as the planning process for asset acquisition, and continue through the product lifecycle and into asset disposition. PlanITROI’s role is focused on helping to make decisions that preserve maximum resale value.

A second difference is immensely practical:  As a result of PlanITROI’s distinctive approach, it helps clients to make more money from IT asset disposition, and to fully meet environmental and data security standards while doing so. The company does this through:

A unique business model focused on creating maximum resale value in each refurbished asset, and an extensive marketing and retail distribution channel based on longstanding relationships with e-tailers, retailers, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies including eCOST.com, Buy.com, TigerDirect.com, amazon.com, and overstock.com.

PlanITROI’s ability to return higher profits to clients is so strong that the company does so even when competitors claim to offer a higher percentage of revenue sharing. That’s because competitors can’t match PlanITROI’s ability to sell higher-priced assets into higher-paying channels. PlanITROI refurbishes and remarkets 90 percent of the assets it receives from clients—a far higher percentage than that of other ITAD vendors. Its net ROI to clients is as much as 100 percent higher than the return from those vendors.

Contributing to that higher ROI to the client is PlanITROI’s sophisticated refurbishing process, which results in a better product. PlanITROI was trained by most OEMs for their own refurbishing work over the past 19 years—so its refurbishing process exceeds the standards of the third-party, used PC market, as well as the standards of many of its competitors.

To help PC buyers to understand the varying levels of quality in the refurbishment market, and to easily find the highest quality products, PlanITROI developed the Certified Nused brand. Certified Nused brand computers are uniquely qualified, hand-selected, “newly used” PCs that meet strict quality, functionality, and cosmetic requirements. Computers bearing the Certified Nused brand have passed a multipoint checklist, come with genuine licensed Microsoft Windows operating system software and a certificate of authenticity—and include a warranty direct from PlanITROI for up to three years, in addition to the OEM’s warranty.

Only PlanITROI has the advantage of the Certified Nused brand. The brand is supported by Microsoft and major online retailers—and appears prominently on the websites of those retailers. It is the “Certified Pre-Owned” Luxury Car brand of the refurbished PC market. And it is another factor contributing to the higher resale value of PCs refurbished by PlanITROI.








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