Added-Value Process

The Strengths of PlanITROI, as Outlined by Gartner
The PlanITROI business model is focused on refurbishing and reselling used IT equipment to obtain a high customer return on assets. Feedback from its customers indicates strong reporting capabilities and assistance in financial planning of current and future asset values. PlanITROI accepts all categories of IT assets.
Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition

Understanding the path retired IT assets will take enables the IT asset manager to calculate whether they will be receiving net ROI checks or bills. PlanITROI generates most of its income from remarketing revenue, and therefore strives to obtain the best ROI its clients. A great ROI coupled with great service translates to long term client relationships.

De-Installation Secure Logistics Data Security Certified Nused Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Maximum ROI Image Map

PlanITROI has processed more than six million assets. That, plus its status as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, gives it the experience and expertise to drive the IT Asset Disposition industry’s most effective asset refurbishing process. That process not only yields maximum return on a client’s investment, but also addresses data security requirements, environmental compliance, reporting by serial number, and logistics management around the world.

Any notebook or desktop system that PlanITROI receives that has value for a potential end-user is examined to determine if it could achieve Certified Nusedsm PC designation. A Certified Nused PC is the computer equivalent of a certified pre-owned luxury car, and is worth more in the marketplace (see more on Certified Nused PCs, here).

How To Tell If An ITAD Program Is Achieving The Maximum ROI For You
Assets that have only had the standard IT Asset Disposition Services will leave the ITAD Services Provider’s shipping dock shrink wrapped on pallets. Those assets are being shipping wholesale, or maybe going straight to a recycler and not returning the maximum ROI. They may even still incur a charge for logistics and data security.

If your assets are refurbished and packaged in individual boxes and labeled as “Certified Nused” and have a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher label on the box, they are being shipped to an etailer or retailer that seeks to impress its customer.

Wholesale computers are shipped on
palettes with no protection.

PlanITROI's Certifiied Nused Computers are
individually packaged for protection.



GSK Video Download the new Microsoft Case Study on IT Asset Management Services offered by PlanITROI PlanITROI is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and Certified Gold Partner