Reporting & Chain-of-Custody

Gartner cited in its recommendation for PlanITROI to join the industry’s first Magic Quadrant, that our Clients are very impressed by the level of detail PlanITROI provides in its follow-up production and financial settlement reports.  PlanITROI’s chain-of-custody transparent reporting allows for over 100 data fields of information per serialized asset to be reported in any report format a client would like to see.   Our clients have found this information can be used for reporting license retirement, maintenance retirement, depreciation schedules, community impact, environmental impact, etc…

Every asset is tracked by OEM serial number, Client Asset Tag and PlanITROI unique ID.   PlanITROI’s systems capture each action that was taken with an asset, including but not limited to data sanitization, which technician worked on it and for how long, any repairs or parts that were required, if it required functional or cosmetic repairs, and dates shipped.  Clients claim that the best part is seeing the sale price and destination of their remarketed assets.  The company’s reporting validates that a client is receiving the maximum ROI.
PlanITROI’s reports help our clients comply with all regulatory requirements such those outlined in Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA.

PlanITROI will provide a sample Asset Disposition and Settlement Report  to a client upon request. PlanITROI has no equal when it comes to detailed reporting.

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