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Differentiators That Provide Real Benefits to Our Clients
The primary difference between PlanITROI and others in the IT asset disposition industry is philosophical: Other providers are reactive, and while they will help clients avoid liability and remove retired assets, they will only look to the financial value recovery secondarily.  PlanITROI takes a proactive planning role that can start with asset acquisition and continue through the lifecycle and into asset disposition.  It assures the provision of the highest levels of data security and environmental services, a simple yet thorough process, along with maximum financial returns.

PlanITROI Goes Well Beyond Basic IT Asset Disposition Services
See below for the full scope of our services.

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As a leading ITAD Services Provider, PlanITROI addresses all of the IT Asset Disposition checklist items below, and many more:

All the activities associated with the removal of IT assets from any given site, anywhere in the world.  Specific packing solutions are provided to protect equipment for secure shipment to the PlanITROI processing facility.

Warranty Check as Part of De-Installation
Before a client’s assets are de-installed and picked up, PlanITROI plans with the client when and if the assets are in or out of OEM warranty.  When a client’s equipment is received at PlanITROI’s facility our audit technician is prompted to check the warranty.  If it is still in warranty a special label is physically applied to the asset and indicated in our database.  If an asset is defective PlanITROI will work with the OEM to get it fixed under warranty.  Our clients will never receive a bill for any in-warranty repairs.  PlanITROI is authorized in most of the top IT and electronics OEMs to perform warranty work.

Software Harvesting
PlanITROI can identify and assess the status of software licenses on hardware to assure current licenses can be redeployed within an organization.

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Data Sanitization
Every level of data sanitization on PCs, servers, network equipment, telecom equipment, peripherals and all related media, is provided by PlanITROI.  Learn more about our Data Security and DoD 5220.22-M compliant capabilities. For more details, click HERE.

Equipment Destruction & Certification
PlanITROI’s IT equipment recycling procedures are ISO 14001 and R2 certified and compliant with WEEE standards.  The company’s downstream recycling partners are also ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certified.  No non-functioning IT equipment or related materials are shipped overseas and a zero-landfill policy is maintained as recycled items are ground into their base components and remarketed to manufacturers.  Certificates of destruction are provided. See Data Security and Environmental Compliance for more details.

On-site Packing
For any client requiring equipment packing assistance, PlanITROI representatives will correctly and securely pack each unit.  Items that could potentially be remarketed with will receive additional attention to mitigate the potential of damage during shipping.

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Secure Chain-of-Custody
Once assets are packed, clients need to know those assets will be transported securely and directly to PlanITROI’s facility.  PlanITROI provides secure logistics options so clients can be assured of complete chain-of-custody management. For more details, click HERE.

PlanITROI see’s significant advantages to using vetted 3rd party logistics partners.  Logistics partners have aggressively sought PlanITROI’s business, but to qualify as a partner they must meet the company’s stringent global and domestics services guidelines and requirements.  Those few that do are specialists and they offer a healthy competition for best pricing without compromised service. These specialists’ ability to ensure security and chain-of-custody mandates is paramount and PlanITROI audits these partners accordingly. For more details, click HERE.

In-transit Insurance
PlanITROI provides in-transit insurance, the level of which is directly tied to the value of the assets, and potential data on those assets, being shipped to PlanITROI.  Coverage up to and beyond $10 Million can be applied.

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Component Recovery
Clients that are extending the life of their current equipment can find replacement IT components from PlanITROI.  Assets from which PlanITROI harvests components can yield additional revenue to a client.

Out-of-Manufacture Technology
PlanITROI is a great resource for a supply of assets that may still be supported, but are no longer available in the channel.  PlanITROI is our clients’ number one resource for Out-of-Manufacture or “Frozen” Technology.  Out-of-Manufacture technology matches the technology and assets a client currently is using, and is configured to client specifications.  Clients often request these assets in order to maintain standards, maintain utilization systems, replace non-functioning or lost units and reduce the cost of hardware purchases.  PlanITROI can keep a number of these units in dedicated inventory and available as back-ups or for parts.

Warranty Work
In the past, many clients’ retired assets would come to PlanITROI with expired warranties.  However, as product quality has improved and financial situations have changed for enterprise clients, there is more of trend for clients to buy extended warranties.  PlanITROI works with clients and their lists of assets under warranty to complete any repair or refurbishment work at no cost to the client.  Detailed activity and disposition reports are provided to the client.  PlanITROI will also look-up warranty status with the OEM and advise the client as to warranty coverage status.  This service aids clients that either own or lease their IT assets.

The “Bolt-on Warranty"
PlanITROI provides several warranty options for its refurbished Certified Nused equipment.  There is a No-Fault Warranty which covers everything, up to 3 years depot or on-site coverage.  For assets still in use that are in a client’s portfolio, PlanITROI offers a”Bolt-on Warranty” for extended coverage. This is beneficial for extending warranty coverage on assets beyond their Manufacturer’s warranty. Click HERE to read more about the "Bolt-On Warranty".

To learn more about our extended warranties, please Contact Us.

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IT Financial Planning
PlanITROI Helps Clients to Look Ahead with ITAD Financial Planning: The VIP and No-Bill Program from PlanITROI are two forward-looking offerings that assist clients with IT Asset Disposition planning. The company not only seeks to help clients look ahead and think about where asset pricing is going, it is willing to risk money and its reputation on the future outcome. For more details, click HERE.

Clients seek PlanITROI’s remarketing services because of the unsurpassed level of remarketing skills, and unsurpassed levels of financial returns we provide. To be sure, there are plenty of IT asset disposition services providers that say they will remarket an enterprise’s IT assets. Far more times than not that simply means selling your assets wholesale in bulk and not to retail buyers. When assets are sold through wholesale remarketing channels, the expectations for a net positive financial return should be very low. For more details, click HERE.

PlanITROI is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and a Microsoft Gold Partner. PlanITROI’s systems are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and R2 standards. The company also maintains compliancy with the WEEE requirements in Europe and internationally. PlanITROI’s downstream partners are ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certified. For more details, click HERE.

Global Capabilities
The IT asset disposition services of PlanITROI are available to clients with global requirements. PlanITROI uses its 20 years of experience and applies its proven systems worldwide, utilizing well vetted partners outside of North America. All of our highly qualified partners are required to use the exact same process, procedure and databases for capturing your data.

PlanITROI is able to provide our clients with seamless information in real time, as if it came directly out of our systems in North America. Our partners meet the ISO, R2 and MAR standards and have documented processes. When our clients work with us outside of North America they get the same dedicated resources and an assigned Global Account Director as a single point of contact. Our clients’ global requirements demand that PlanITROI play in every region in the world, and understand country by country laws, regulations and customs. For more details, click HERE.

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Reporting and Chain-of-Custody
Gartner cited in its recommendation for PlanITROI to join the industry’s first Magic Quadrant, that our Clients are very impressed by the level of detail PlanITROI provides in its follow-up production and financial settlement reports. PlanITROI’s chain-of-custody transparent reporting allows for over 100 data fields of information per serialized asset to be reported in any report format a client would like to see. Our clients have found this information can be used for reporting license retirement, maintenance retirement, depreciation schedules, community impact, environmental impact, etc. For more details, click HERE.

Lease Returns Management
PlanITROI offers programs to ensure that both lessors and lessees receive maximum residual value for equipment going on and coming off leases. PlanITROI assists companies in determining residual values, and can commit to handling all logistics of configuring, refurbishing, reallocating, or purchasing equipment coming off leases. For users, PlanITROI can refurbish the equipment to insure 100% functionality, eliminating charge backs from the lessor upon its return.

With PlanITROI’s internal Financial Solutions team, an annual contract can be established for Lease Support Services. Users get regular online Fair Market Value (FMV) reports. Savings in support costs and the streamlining of reconciliation can ease the management of asset leasing. For lessors, PlanITROI can provide very detailed accurate audits. For more details, click HERE.

Disposition Options
PlanITROI offers several different options for IT disposal, most notably donations, redeployment, and employee purchase. For more details on these disposition options, click HERE.

Reverse Logistics
Beyond Basic Reverse Logistics – the Sophisticated Requirements of IT Asset Disposition. The company has a long history of taking back equipment from 90 days old to 10 years old and managing returns for a variety of product types from a variety of corporate, government, reseller, leasing and retail clients, as well as direct from consumers. Handling the returns for millions of “mixed assets” and meeting the compliancy, data security and environmental regulatory requirements surrounding IT & electronic asset disposition, is far morechallenging than managing volume returns of single type products. PlanITROI’s experience in the (ITAD) IT Asset Disposition category has driven the company to build-out sophisticated returns and disposition systems for addressing client requirements for chain-of-custody transparency, logistics and reporting. For more details, click HERE.

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