Secure Logistics

PlanITROI see’s significant advantages to using vetted 3rd party logistics partners. To qualify, partners must meet PlanITROI’s stringent global and domestics services guidelines and requirements. Those few that do, are specialists and offer the best pricing without compromised service. These specialists’ ability to ensure security and chain-of-custody mandates is paramount and PlanITROI audits these partners accordingly.

PlanITROI’s methodology for picking our partners is based on a comprehensive survey, client references and review of best practices methodology. PlanITROI has found logistics companies that provide the level of service required and that are strongest by region. This cuts down the costs passed on to our clients.

PlanITROI’s selected logistics partners may address a range of services, depending upon the designated scope of work. Services may include:

  • On-site desktop removal
  • Physically picking-up freight from around the world
  • Safely and securely delivering it to processing facility

The pre-pick-up document specifically relates to the assets to be shipped and the client's facility. It addresses:

  • Freight details
  • Client contact information
  • Client requirements and rules
  • Loading dock specifications
  • Packed condition

PlanITROI Offers Any Level of Secure Logistics Our Clients Require. Including:

  • Sealed truck (this is PlanITROI’s default option)
  • GPS tracking of all vehicles
  • Follow-on vehicle to assure shipments travel securely and seals are not tampered with in transit
  • Armored transport

PlanITROI’s approach to logistics provides clients complete transparency to the chain of custody from the client’s facility to PlanITROI’s facility. This is another factor toward building client trust.

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