Revenue Models

Revenue Models for ITAD Services Revenue Share – the Asset Escalatorsm 
The outstanding financial returns that PlanITROI delivers to clients on the remarketing of end-of-life assets are made possible by a unique pricing model called the Asset Escalator. PlanITROI offers a competitive buyout value with downside price protection, and clients share in the upside by receiving a percentage of the unit sale, thereby aligning our mutual interests. 

The Revenue Share Formula:
    [(Unit sale price) x (Split %)] – (ITAD related services) = Client NET ROI

BuyOut Option:
Based on a predetermined price for assets by grade, paid 30 days after audit.  The BuyOut option works well for a client that wishes to receive compensation for the assets, but its time frame does not allow for remarketing beyond 30 days.

Quick Ca$h Option:
Based on a predetermined price by technology only, paid upon receipt verification.  The Quick Ca$h option is for a client that needs immediate compensation without inspection of assets.







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