Warranty Work & the “Bolt-on Warranty”

In the past, many clients’ retired assets would come to PlanITROI with expired warranties.  However, as product quality has improved and financial situations have changed for enterprise clients, there is more of trend for clients to buy extended warranties.  PlanITROI works with clients and their lists of assets under warranty to complete any repair or refurbishment work at no cost to the client.  Detailed activity and disposition reports are provided to the client.  PlanITROI will also look-up warranty status with the OEM and advise the client as to warranty coverage status.  This service aids clients that either own or lease their IT assets.

Bolt-on Warranty for Refurbished ComputersThe Bolt-On Warranty
PlanITROI provides several warranty options for its refurbished Certified Nused equipment.  There is a No-Fault Warranty which covers everything, up to 3 years depot or on-site coverage.  For assets still in use that are in a client’s portfolio, PlanITROI offers a”Bolt-on Warranty” for extended coverage. This is beneficial for extending warranty coverage on assets beyond their Manufacturer’s warranty.

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