PlanITROI has a well established redeployment system that is flexible enough to be adapted to any client’s needs.PlanITROI has a well established redeployment system that is flexible enough to be adapted to any client’s needs.

Prior to the start of any redeployment project, PlanITROI will provide a (SOW) Statement of Work outlining the process from beginning to end based on a client’s specific redeployment requirements.  This will state the agreed-upon configuration, software load, condition grade, schedule, logistics, services, reporting and billing process.

Collection, Transportation & Logistics
The process starts with a Collection, Transportation & Logistics questionnaire form filled out with the client.  This form asks collection, logistics’, data security, auditing, etc. questions to determine the right path the equipment should take.  Most of the data security, auditing and process work directly done on the client’s equipment will be predetermined in the statement of work upfront so it does not burden the user into making decisions.
PlanITROI will assess the onsite pick up needs by location, de-installation, type of equipment and quantity.  This will determine the packing and shipping requirements will be provided for a seamless transition of material movement to PlanITROI’s facility.   PlanITROI will perform all necessary data security procedures and refurbish the equipment accordingly.  

The Client may choose to have PlanITROI just audit their equipment and store it for later disposition choice.  PlanITROI will provide the client online access to its database of equipment.  The Client may choose the products’ final disposition (redeploy, donate, sell, recycle, etc.) giving PlanITROI instructions right online.  The database gives the client a choice of multiple data field to select.  For example, it may choose a specific processor speed and MFG for redeployment based on their standards.

PlanITROI can ship small or large quantities of assets to redeployment sites on short notice.  Full reporting is provided.



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