Looking Ahead

CIO/Insight Magazine recently posted an article that states that according to Gartner, PC purchases are going to slow down in 2011, but will pick up again in 2012.

It looks like some companies may be keeping their current IT equipment in place a little longer, which isn’t much of a surprise, given the economic climate these days. In fact, it would be shocking if the PC market WASN’T affected. Most IT Managers are so busy dealing with the present that they don’t have time to think about the future.

Unfortunately, America’s own economic future is all that bright right now.

When corporations start to consider their next big IT hardware purchase, it’s unfortunate that recycling is still the popular path. Especially since it’s not the economically superior one. Or the environmentally optimal one either, for that matter. (There’s a reason “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” lists recycling last)

When it’s time to retire corporate PCs, well informed IT managers know they can still hold value, but the maximum value will have to come from an asset value recovery specialist, e.g., PlanITROI. By looking ahead at their financial planning, starting with current values and going several years out, they can utilize projections on asset values and determine the best refresh cycle for the maximum financial return.

Which, of course, can help pay for the next round of computers. And servers. And even some more personnel. And a cushy new office chair. Or 50 office chairs. You get the idea…

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