Future Planning

Now You Can Plan for Future IT Asset Disposition Benefits

Clients seek PlanITROI’s remarketing services because of the unsurpassed level of remarketing skills, and unsurpassed levels of financial returns we provide.Smart ITAD Systems and Tools, Coupled with Innovative Programs, Make it Possible

PlanITROI educates clients to think differently about IT asset disposition services by encouraging them to look to the future and further upstream…starting with their new purchases.  Most clients today are told by providers and industry sources that ITAD means disposal, and disposal comes with liabilities.  That is all true and compliancy has to be taken very seriously, because the downside penalties for not being compliant are severe on multiple levels.  But disposal means dealing with the past and not about the value assets may represent to the enterprise going forward.
Compliancy is only half of what a full, highly beneficial IT Asset Disposition program can be.  The other half enables clients to be proactive regarding their ITAD program and not just reactive to disposal needs.  This is the basis of Smart IT Asset Disposal.

How is PlanITROI more forward looking?  Consider that PlanITROI has a unique Value Investment Protection, (VIPsm) program that offers companies a guaranteed value at End-of-Life for newly purchased IT equipment. Through the VIP, PlanITROI will write a purchase order when a client purchases new technology to buy it back from them at a specific minimum price up to 60 months from the original date of purchase.  This program helps keep ITAD in front and part of the planning process before new purchasing decisions are made.  Also, it gives finance departments the ability to determine the asset value at the end of its life within the enterprise and how to plan its depreciation.

Another example of PlanITROI’s future orientation is the Inventory Portfolio Analysis it provides to clients. The analysis captures the type of asset, model, processor speed and anticipated retirement date up to five years into the future with a schedule by each year.  If the client commits to a retirement schedule then PlanITROI commits to a VIP (Valuation Investment Protection) buyout price.  PlanITROI can back it up the guaranteed price with a performance bond if necessary.  The terms are built into a Master Services Agreement.  To uphold its end of the agreement, PlanITROI remarkets the retired IT assets to pay for all the necessary services associated with end-of-life disposition, including data erasure, logistics, reporting and general administration.  This is how PlanITROI is able to provide a NO BILL agreement.
When a client is future oriented and forward-thinking about its IT Asset Disposition requirements, it knows where it is headed.  It knows what to expect.  It can plan IT budgets and forecast ROI revenue.  The result is the entire process becomes easier, predictable and significantly more beneficial.