Core Values Rap



Head Quartered here in Jersey, Don't forget our name
PlanITROI is here and we're gonna change the game
You say you never heard of us, well no big deal
We Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, FOR REAL

We've got some Core Values to tell ya'll about
And we want you all to hear them, so we might as well shout!

Reliability is first, it's at the top of the chart…
And it's a promise to deliver, that we take to heart
On Commitments, to clients, our customers and YOU…
Our fellow employees, Plus we'll improve…
Not just for a minute, a month or a day
Because continuous improvement is the company way!
You think that we're done, but we won't be rushed
You can own Reliability by building trust!

That's one down with three more to go
And RESPECT is a value that you all know
It's smart to recognize, as you will see…
An individuals' thoughts, ideas and needs…
They deserve consideration and special recognition,
So act with decency, cuz it's part of the mission…
Listen up, I mean it, it's the right thing to do
Cuz RESPECT is the numba 2, CORE VALUE!

GROWTH, say what? You heard me fool!
Growth is third on the list and it's very cool
Think it means gettin' bigger? It's way more than that
Cuz lots of things GROW and that's a straight fact
Individual's grow, teams and companies too…
And relationships grow, so they last through and through.
Relationships with clients, friends and the community
Strive to make them last and create a sense of unity!

Teamwork is last but not least on this list
It has a powerful energy that you just can't resist…
So going it alone, just ain't a possibility
Thanks to TEAMWORK, we treat each other with civility
Great things are accomplished when we support one another
You hear what I'm saying my Sisters and Brothers?
Put your hands in the air, I wanna hear them clap
And now you're applauding the Core Value Rap!



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