Tech Tuesdays with the Neighborhood House
October 18, 2017– PlanITROI is excited to announce a collaboration with the Morristown Neighborhood House with support from the Morris School District and Local Volunteers. Students will be provided with hardware, software, cable connections and in-home internet in line with our commitment to Change Lives with Affordable Technology. The goal of this program is to create early interest in STEM careers while nurturing a network of support with the community.
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October 12 – 14, 2011 – PlanITROI is very excited to be exhibiting and speaking at the IAITAM ACE in Las Vegas from October 12 – 14 at the the Aria Resort. Be sure to see our joint presentation with John Muller of Quest Diagnostics, "Satisfied With Your ITAD Program? It's Time To Reassess It."
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Gartner Conference 2011
September 14 – 16, 2011 – PlanITROI is very excited to be exhibiting at the Gartner conference in Orlando from September 14 – 16 at the the Peabody Orlando.
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CompTIA Breakaway 2011
August 1 – 4, 2011 – PlanITROI is very excited to be exhibiting at the CompTIA Breakaway conference in Washington DC from August 1 – 4 at the the Washington Hilton. CompTIA Breakaway is the premier education event for the IT channel, it covers the channel themes of greatest interest with those channel players making the biggest impact. In addition to hot topic discussion panels, solution providers can attend channel training courses and walk away with a certificate of completion validating their subject knowledge.
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PlanITROI Receives ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and R2 Certifications
June 20, 2011 – PlanITROI, an IT Asset Disposition firm in Denville, NJ, today announced that it has received ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and R2 certifications. PlanITROI enables companies and government agencies to retire their IT equipment responsibly, compliantly and with an expectation of maximum financial returns, and has done so since 1991. “Our systems have been compliant with the rigorous ISO and R2 standards for years.” said Ed Stukane, CMO of PlanITROI, “With these formal certifications in hand, clients have no doubt of the company’s dedication to strict data security procedures, environmental advocacy, and the production of a high quality refurbished product that will provide an industry leading ROI.”
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Business News Daily features PlanITROI
The world’s seemingly insatiable appetite for electronics is shaping up to be a major environmental problem. As the life span of consumer electronics and computers is shortened by each new generation of technology, they are discarded and often end up in landfills, fields and rivers.
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Reverse Logistics Association Conference & Expo
February 7 – 9, 2011 – PlanITROI is excited to be exhibiting at the Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo from February 7-9, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the RIO Hotel and Casino!
Third Party Service Providers (3PSPs) will be exhibiting their Reverse Logistics services & solutions at the Reverse Logistics Conference & Expo in Las Vegas in February 2011.
At the RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, the focus of 3PSPs will be to help OEMs, Retailers & Branded companies become aware of RL support on a global basis.
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BusinessFinance Magazine
Turn IT Rejects Into Gold
February 3, 2011 – Every company has, depending on its size, a closet, room, floor, basement, shed, or warehouse where they put electronic equipment no longer being used or wanted. What seemingly is IT trash—mainly old PCs and servers, but also storage devices, tape libraries, fax machines, copiers, even cell phones—has real cash value. GlaxoSmithKline gathered up all that equipment and instead of sending it to a landfill (which is not legalmuch of that stuff contains hazardous material that must be disposed of properly and documented) it sent it to PlanITROI, an IT asset disposition company, which refurbished and resold the equipment and netted Glaxo $1.8 million from the effort.
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NJBiz Features PlanITROI In A Company Growth Article
Thinking Small Powers Growth Strategy
January 3, 2011 – PlanITROI has carved out its niche by letting companies earn money while getting rid of broken or outdated computer equipment, but though the size of the IT asset disposal market has been estimated at $2 billion a year and growing, the recession presented a challenge by encouraging companies to hold onto their equipment longer.
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"How To Grow Your IT Budget Through An Efficient ITAD Program" – Complimentary Webinar on
Do you have all the funds you need in your 2011 IT budget? With 2011 already upon us, have you stopped to consider what your IT budget and refresh strategy is going to be for the new year? Why not tie them together into an IT refresh strategy that brings money back to your company?
Listen at your convenience to a Complimentary Webinar where we can show you five easy steps to make sure you are not only receiving the maximum return-on-investment from your retired IT, but getting all of the standard services from your IT Asset Disposition program!
This is a recorded webinar and will be available at any time on the PlanITROI website; so feel free to watch at your best convenience!
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Reverse Logistics Association Features PlanITROI Article From InfoTech Spotlight
IT Asset Value Recovery Leader Hands out Checks

December 21, 2010 – PlanITROI, a leading IT asset recovery company, introduced the industry’s only No Bill Program. According to this program, the company’s clients can easily dispose of their retired IT assets without shelling out any money from their pockets. They can start receiving revenue checks in place of bills.

The company can now assess its clients IT assets by remarketing and refurbishing using a tool called Inventory Portfolio Analysis. Each piece of equipment can now be separated for dissolution and retired so that the organization can get maximum returns from the same. The equipment that is retired undergoes a process where all important data is removed and saved to a secure location. The final hardware is then resold with most of the revenues going back to the company’s clients.
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PlanITROI Featured In An Article About New E-waste Laws
December 5, 2010 – Getting rid of the old computer equipment will get more complicated for businesses in the New Year.
Consumers and companies will no longer be able to dispose of computers, televisions and their parts as solid waste under a 2008 New Jersey law that goes into effect Jan. 1.
The law applies to computers and televisions, but not TVs that are part of cars, larger medical or industrial devices or cellphones with video displays under four inches. Manufacturers, consumers, retailers and recyclers are required to comply, and ignoring the law could bring penalties of up to $1,000 per offense and more in some cases.
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PlanITROI Named as a Challenger on Gartner Magic Quadrant
DENVILLE, NJ – October 21, 2010 – PlanITROI, a leader in IT asset value recovery, has been named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for North American Information Technology Asset Disposition.* This Magic Quadrant represents Gartner’s initial coverage of this industry segment. According to the report, “The growing emphasis on the two primary risks associated with ITAD — data security and the proper disposition of e-waste — combined with more strict and comprehensive legislative mandates and penalties for non-compliance, is forcing IT asset managers to more closely evaluate their ITAD processes and providers.
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