PlanITROI Culture

Do you want to work at a company that welcomes and initiates change? Where employee morale and productivity is high and you and your team members feel motivated? At PlanITROI, we feel that employees that are having fun are also more creative and engaged. With regularly occurring games, parties, barbeques, contests, and surprise events, satisfaction and happiness go hand-in-hand with improved performance and a happy environment.


PlanITROI employees know what is right for our clients, customers, and our company. That’s why we empower everyone that works here with:
PEP – the PlanITROI Empowerment Plan.
Given the ability to make decisions and take action without procedural red tape, PlanITROI employees have the power to make our environment, and our company, better and stronger.

At PlanITROI, we practice Random Acts of Kindness, or R.A.K., by doing something nice for our fellow team members whenever possible. From helping someone with a project, to getting your office neighbor a cup of coffee, to just making someone smile, every R.A.K. is recognized and appreciated.

When anyone walks into PlanITROI, the first thing they notice is our walls. They are filled with the team’s personality, in the form of “Personal Home Pages”, or PHP. PHPs are a way for everyone to share their life, hobbies, and family pictures with others, as well as a way to get to know your fellow team members. Using sports memorabilia, photos, artwork, food labels, flags, and anything else that represents each person, every PHP is as individual as the person who made it. Watch our video above to see more of our Personal Home Pages.

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