About PlanITROI

PlanITROI, Inc. is a fast-growing, highly innovative IT Asset Disposition & Returns Management company focusing on value recovery to; enterprises, resellers, retailers and OEMs. The company focuses on IT & CE assets of relatively high value in the supply chain. 

PlanITROI Programs: 
> Returns Management; addressing consumer returns from recent Retail purchases 
> (RTV) Return to Vendor; addressing consumer returns under allowance with vendor 
> Resale; addressing sale of consumer returns NOT under allowance for RTV 
> Trade Up; addressing Promotional Sale of New products using Trade-in for a discount 
> Take Back; addressing State mandated OEM Recycling laws for OEM’s e-Waste 
> IT Asset Disposition (ITAD); addressing retirement of Corporate internal IT Assets 
> Certified NusedSM Pre-Owned; addressing the resale of Refurbished CE & IT 

PlanITROI is headquartered in Denville NJ with Global Operations maintains a strict environmental policy of zero landfill, incineration, e-waste export and all data is sanitized using NIST/DOD standards. All assets are tracked by serialized chain-of-custody reporting & integrated with our clients’ systems. Our refurbished assets are certified “Newly Used” or “Nused” with like-new cosmetics, new packaging, full documentation, complete accessories, Genuine Microsoft-licensed software (if necessary), and typically 90-day warranties; then remarketed for highest possible value via major retailers. 

> Gartner 2010 & 2011 Magic Quadrant, Top IT Asset Disposition Services Provider 
> Winner of InfoWorld’s “Green15” award for “Green Sustainable IT Asset Disposition” 
> Microsoft 2012 whitepaper featuring PlanITROI as the “New Platform in IT Asset Disposition and Recovery” 
> ISO 9001 Certified Refurbishment 
> ISO 14001+R2 Certified Environmental Management Systems 
> MAR – Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher & Gold Partner 
> Requested guest speaker at IAITAM, Gartner & RLA conferences

Smart IT Asset Disposition:  Compliancy and a Maximum Return-on-Investment
PlanITROI’s experience in the ITAD (IT Asset Disposition), Recycling, and Value Recovery industry is, in a word, unsurpassed. The company and its founder, Paul Baum, developed the first “trade-up and trade-in” programs for IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, Panasonic, and Lexmark soon after PlanITROI’s founding in 1991. The company has continued to be an industry pacesetter; the lifecycle asset management programs that PlanITROI developed more than 15 years ago have since been copied by a number of competitors.

Changing the Industry in Fundamental Ways…Going Way Beyond Disposal
PlanITROI has changed the industry in fundamental ways.  IT Asset Disposition has its roots in vendors who relieved their clients of unused IT assets for a fee and assets were recycled or sold wholesale; for whatever the vendor could recoup on the resale market, or for both. PlanITROI was the first to base its business on maximizing the resale value of IT assets, while maintaining compliancy, and on delivering a maximum ROI to its clients. Still today, PlanITROI beats its competition by remarketing more of the assets it acquires, more than 90%, and doing so at higher margins, thanks to its high-quality refurbishment process—one that is unmatched in the industry. That enables PlanITROI to market its services on the basis of how much money it can make for its clients, and how clients can sustain their IT budgets, and not merely on avoiding expense and liability for asset disposal.

The Industry’s Most Forward-Looking Approach
PlanITROI has also developed the industry’s most forward-looking IT asset disposition approach and service, one that makes it possible for clients to better plan their own financial futures. The PlanITROI approach addresses every level of data security as part of the ITAD process.  Beyond the basics, however, PlanITROI helps and encourages clients to be proactive about their ITAD needs and about asset disposition, and not merely reactive to regulatory and other concerns. Two distinctive PlanITROI programs in this regard are the company’s Value Investment Protection (VIP)program and its Inventory Portfolio Analysis. Under these programs, PlanITROI provides end-of-life values for new equipment projected up to five years out, and backs those projections with its own commitment to buy the assets from the client at the projected prices.

Leading in Environmental Awareness
Over the past two decades, environmental concerns about IT asset disposition and recycling processes have become increasingly important to clients, to the government agencies that regulate environmental matters, and to the vendors that provide asset disposition services. PlanITROI has become a leader in this aspect of the industry as well, and sees its environmental safeguards as another competitive advantage. The company has a zero-landfill policy and it goes to great lengths to ensure that IT assets that are not marketable are broken down to component parts or elements and resold or safely disposed.  The company’s downstream recycling partners are ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certified.

Core Competencies and Types of Equipment Processed
PlanITROI has processed more than six million assets, resulting in sales of $600 million. The company serves mid-size to Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, resellers, and leasing organizations.

Specific core competencies include asset management and disposition of the following products: desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, thin clients, smartphones, facsimile machines, Intel-based servers, UNIX servers, mainframe servers, storage devices, printing/imaging systems, and network products (LAN/WAN, internetworking).

Core competencies also include services such as logistics, lease return management, trade-in management, donation programs, redeployment programs, sales to employees and the provision of out-of-manufacture equipment.






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PlanITROI Mission Statement

To be the trusted asset disposition services provider to organizations striving to protect the environment, enforce compliance and realize maximum financial returns.