Bring Green Together

Bring Green Together, Sustain Your IT Operations

PlanITROI maintains a closed-loop Environmental Management System that is founded on the stringent ISO 14001 and R2 standards.PlanITROI is the one ITAD services provider that can “Bring Green Together” and create an ITAD program that goes beyond self-sustaining.

PlanITROI shows clients, such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), how an unsustainable ITAD program can become sustainable and predictable, and how ITAD heroes can be created when “green” objectives come together.  Not only were ITAD heroes created at GSK, but the company won the first ever InfoWorld Green15 Award for Green ITAD processes.

The basic details of the GSK story were that PlanITROI helped to leverage the company’s green orientation, removed six tons of mixed retired and orphaned IT assets (most of which GSK management thought was “junk”), and processed that equipment meeting all data security and environmental compliance requirements.  Then, to GSK IT management’s delight, PlanITROI returned an ROI of more than $1 Million.  Actually, over a two+ year period, PlanITROI returned more than $1.8 Million.  Prior to PlanITROI’s involvement, GSK was paying high prices for ITAD services and was told that their assets had no value.

The GSK story and results are indicative of how PlanITROI has been serving clients and delivering on its vision since 1991.  That vision has two driving forces behind it.  The first, that being compliant with environmental and data security requirements, and realizing a significant Return-on-Investment, are NOT mutually exclusive objectives. The second, an effective, consistent and predictable program will not only cover the cost of ITAD services, it will provide self-sustaining financial returns.

It is PlanITROI’s conviction that compliancy requirements are just the “price of entry” for any true ITAD services provider.  This is where PlanITROI then brings a significant advantage to the table.  By utilizing PlanITROI’s systems, tools and sophisticated refurbishment and remarketing skills, clients can realize a self-sustaining program that enables them to keep their IT departments, budgets and personnel in place.  

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